Around Sri Nagasai Nathar Temple

Around Sri Nagasai Nathar Temple

'Dhuni' is the sacred fire that perpetually burnt before Baba in 'Dwarkamai' mosque. He always used to sit by the side of 'Dhuni' and look at it deeply absorbed in thought. Fire is a manifestation of energy of which the whole universe is made. The fire sacrifice stands for the cosmic consciousness in which the manifold creation is projected, maintained and constantly transformed. Hence, the 'Dhuni' is the symbol of 'Chidagni' or cosmic energy.

'Dhuni', which is perpetually burning at Shirdi, is the fire sacrifice for burning down the sins to ashes for those who seek complete refuge in this peerless Master. Baba used to distribute the 'Udi', ash of this sacred fire to all who came to Him with faith, as a token of His grace. Today also the devotees are taking a pinch of this sacred ash as a token of His blessings. The Sacred Ash (popularly known as UDI) had curative powers in it and whosoever visited Shirdi used to carry it with him. Today, due to the visit by a large number of devotees, a spoon full of this Ash is given.

1.Baba's Dhuni:

After settling in Shirdi, Baba lit up a fire by his yogic powers. It is still kept burning. It is called Dhuni and the holy as lies emerging from it are called "udi".

Baba gave medicines for several ailments and himself served the patients. Later on, Baba gave his patients only the 'Udi' for external use as well as for oral administration. Some wonderful stories of the use of Udi, I will relate to you in another chapter. Appa Bhil supplied the fuel for Baba's dhuni. When be sold two stacks, he gave one for the dhuni.

There was a saint named Tajuddin. His dargah (place of worship) once caught fire. At the same time. Sai Baba in Shirdi, sitting before the Dhuni, made certain movements with his hands. People asked, "what are you doing Baba ?"

I am putting out fire at Tajuddin's dargah"There is a fire at Tajuddin's dargah. I am putting, it out," said Baba.

The next day, a word came from Tajuddin that a fire had broken out at the dargah, but as soon as he remembered Baba, the fire had subsided.

Baba rescuing blacksmith's daughter, a blacksmith was an ardent devotee of Baba. Once Baba put both his hands in the burning dhuni and took them out as if 'rescuing' something. "Poor girl, if I had delayed a moment longer, she would have been burnt to death".

What had happened was that the blacksmith's daughter, while playing about, had run into the furnace and Baba 'seeing' it, bad rescued her. Baba's hands were scalded, but the girl was saved.

2.The Power of UDI:

Friends, I have told you what Udi is. It is not the ordinary ash. It is the ash from the dhuni which Baba had lit by his yogic power. Hence the Udi has all the powers of Baba. It has banished the agonies and cured incurable diseases of innumerable persons. Here are a few real instances.

A certain doctor's nephew had bone-cancer. The doctor tried all remedies, including surgical operation, but in vain. With acute pain, the boy cried pitiably. At last the doctor brought the boy to Baba and threw all burden on him. Daily Baba placed a blessing glance on the wound and applied Udi on it. Within a week, the boy was completely cured.

Another doctor had a guinea-worm in his leg, which was terribly swollen and caused intense pain. He approached Baba with a request to release him from his mortal coil and thus end his agony for good. Baba daily applied Udi to his leg and also administered it orally. One day, an attendant inadvertently stepped on the doctor's affected leg with the result that the wound burst open and the guinea-wom was driven out. The doctor was soon cured.

There are countless instances of this kind. But I will tell you one, deserving special mention.

Nanasaheb Chandorkar, one of the earliest devotees of Baba, was a mamlatdar at Jamner, about 24 miles from Jalgaon in Khandesh. One can go upto Jalgaon by railway and then take a tonga.

Nanasabeb's daughter, Maina had come to Jamner for delivery. For fortyeight hours, she was in labour and her very life was in danger. Nanasaheb was appealing to Baba to come to her succour. Sai Baba as if 'heard' it in Shirdi. Ramgir, a resident bhakta, was then inspired to go to his village in Khandesh. He came to ask for Baba's permission. Baba said, "Yes. Start immediately. But first go to Nanasaheb at Jamner, givehim Udi and Arati, and then proceed home". Baba gave him a packet of Udi from the dhuni with his own hands and the Arati on a piece of paper to be recited at Maina's bedside. Ramgir took the two things, but, in a tone of anxiety, he asked, "Baba, I have only two rupees with me. With this much. I can barely go to Jalgaon. But how could I make a detour to Jamner and thence to my place ?" "You need not worry," Said Baba, "You only go to Jalgaon. Everything will be arranged thereafter."

With firm faith in Baba, Ramgir started. He had to pay Rs. 1-14-0 for railway ticket and only two annas were left with him. About midnight the train reached Jalgaon and Ramgir got down. Just then a sepoy in Khaki uniform approached him and said "Sir, you are Ramgir from Shirdi, I hope". Ramgir said he was. "Then come along," said the sepoy, Nanasaheb has sent me with a tonga for you." Ramgir thought that as Baba had hinted he must have sent a word to Nanasaheb and asked him to make these arrangements. The sepoy gave him a few snacks, which he said, were sent bv Nanasaheb. Then the tonga started and by dawn, it arrived at Jamner. The sepoy, pointing to a distant 'building, said, "That is Nanasaheb's office." Ramgir alighted there to ease himself and went behind a bush. But as he came out, what did he find ? Nothing, no horses, no carriage, no sepoy. All had disappeared. Dumbfounded, he went to Nanasaheb's office and, obtaining Nanasabeb's address, went there. Saluting Nanasaheb, he said, "Baba has sent me here from Shirdi and has given you these things." A thrill went through Nanasaheb on hearing this. He said, 'Oh Baba, Baba! What should I say to you ? I called your name here and hearing my call in Shirdi, you at once ran here in the form of these things. A million pranams to you ! "

Nanasaheb applied the Udi to his daughter and put a little in her mouth too. Then he sat by her bedside, reciting the arati. And would you believe it ? In half an hour, Maina delivered safely. Ramgir was waiting outside. Nanasabeb came out and thanked him profoundly. Eagerly Ramgir asked, "Nana, your tonga brought me to Jamner all right. But then as I got down to ease myself, it suddenly vanished. Where is that tonga ?" "Which tonga ?" asked the puzzled Nana. "Your tonga which you had sent for me to Jalgaon Station. Your sepoy met me there, g;ave me your delicious snacks and brought me here with great speed."

With tears of gratitude, Nanasaheb said, "Ramgir, I had not the faintest idea that you were coming. So how could I have sent the tonga ? This is all no doubt done by Baba. How unbounded is your kripa, Oh mother Sai !"

Later, Nanasaheb himself related this whole incident to the people assembled at Shirdi. It therefore bears a stamp of authority.


Where is my dhuni? How can this be Shirdi without a Dhuni - Sai Baba

September 4, 2013,by venkatraman,2 Comments.

Sairam friends,

I was very happy yesterday because someone very dear to me spoke to me over phone after many days. I wanted to hear from Saibaba temple so kept cutting call , reached temple and spoke few minutes. I probably don't want to start getting close to anyone again and hurt myself. I had enough baba and this time also may be its not permanent. I simply felt good after many days of worries.

I learned to accept life as it comes. What ever Sai wills, let him do for me.

Many people used to ask me why you are always near Dhuni in Dwarakamai? Sometimes even I don't have the answer. During Thursday's when its crowded, I don't even mind not going into the Main Hall of the Temple but I will try to step inside Dwarakamai and have a look at Dhuni. Simply Look at Dhuni - The Sacred fire of Sai. That's enough for me.

In 2005, I used to come around the holy Dhuni of Saibaba in the Sai temple in my hometown for several hours. Every one used to think why I am doing it? I can't say the way Saibaba made me do it to everyone. I used to print posters of Shirdi Saibaba with assurances of Sai and give it as gift to devotees. Those days very few people come regularly to Saibaba temple.

Once a aunty thought am looking at her girl often and scolded me saying you are disturbing people who come to Dhuni.So from that day when ever any girl comes, I stop coming around dhuni and stand in the corner of Dwarakamai near a pillar. Once in 2007, This aunty who hurt me came near Dhuni and the coconuts as usual used to burst. There was a big sound and she ran away. I laughed inside my mind and felt Baba is showing her not to hurt others and come near him.

Sai always gives me a opportunity to show they are wrong. 5 years later, when that aunty and her daughter were too sad, I gave Udi to her and she smiled. These are small experiences that taught me never to hate people who hurt us.

I love this exact place even this day. No matter what anyone says, how much am insulted, I loved Dhuni and Dwarakamai. 2005 is such a golden year for me in Sai devotion.

It was Ram Navami 2005. The watchman hurt me saying someone has given a complaint on me and asked me not to come around Dhuni anymore. The next day, I gave a lamp to the watchman and said, I am doing it for everyone's welfare praying Goddess of Nature. Just because you stopped it, I don't want the sin to fall on you. One of the watchman had lit the lamp in his house and from that day quit smoking which he was trying to do for many years. Another watchman apologized to me and said, you can be in Dwarakamai as you wish and come around Dhuni.

dhuni shirdi saibaba ,Holy Dhuni of Shirdi Sai Baba - Sai gave me experience the warmth of his holy dhuni for several years Dhuni doesn't contribute to Pollution the way other things on Planet Earth does

Hinduism and various religions consider fire as a form of God. Of all the 5 elements of Nature, Fire is the only element, which goes up against Earth's gravity. Offering any thing sacred to Fire reaches the Gods directly.

These days, People who think themselves as intellectuals are creating a issue about Dhuni in Shirdi Sai Baba Temples. I agree, the smoke from Dhuni might be high at times and if your house is near by, You might have to face some hurdles. Little bit of adjustments both from Temple staff and the neighbors is necessary. At the same time, Kindly be generous in helping the Dhuni to glow forever. You too earn a punya for your kindness in accepting the presence of Dhuni near your house or other commercial places.

When Saibaba lived, he used to love Dhuni so much. Once there was a plague in Shirdi and the village people had a rule that no cart must be allowed to enter the village. A cart full of wooden logs came into Shirdi and it was blocked. Sai baba went to the cart and made it come into the Village. Sai wants woods for his holy Dhuni and he knows it won't bring plauge.

Many people think Sai collected Dakshina from the very beginning of his stay in Shirdi. Initially Saibaba was simply collecting Match sticks which were put off after lighting lamps etc. These match sticks, Sai used to drop inside his holy fire.

The Power of Dhuni - Sacred fire of Sai:

Dhuni is so powerful. Any place where you do good offering becomes powerful. Devotees offer coconuts and sticks thinking their wishes get fulfilled when they do such offerings in Dhuni. Honestly, it also has another meaning. Whatever you offer is like your "Life ahead".

You are telling saibaba

"I don't know what's going to happen in my life ahead. So I am offering the my thoughts, deeds and desires in your holy Dhuni. You accept my devotion and bless me with what's good for me"

I have spent many days digging the Dhuni with iron rods so that the ashes will get into the tank below. Then I used to get into the Dhuni tank and wipe it. After few days , we friends used to filter the holy Ashes and give sacks full of Udi for the Temple to use to distribute to devotees. Whenever the skin in my palm used to tear due to heat, I consider it as Gift of Sai.

Udi has healed millions of Sai devotees and blessed them with good life, peace and prosperity. So lets always try to make sure we do all we can for the holy Dhuni to be active with divine fire forever.

Taking care of Dhuni:

Every Sai devotee must take care of Dhuni in his/her own way. At times, I see devotees bringing so many coconuts, offerings and dropping it immediately. Please see Dhuni as your Child. How can Sai bear so much offerings simultaneously? Offer little and keep the rest near by Dhuni for Temple staff or other people who do service to offer it when the fire has reduced.

Its not necessary that Dhuni must always have huge fire in it. Even if has little smoke, that will do.

The first ever Shirdi sai temple - THE TEMPLE AT BHIVPURI , Maharastra

I started writing this article as I remembered the incident during Saibaba's life time. It was one of the first articles to be contributed in

A devotee Pradhan requests saibaba to come to his house. Sai gives him a gift of Sai's portrait and asks him to keep it in a Temple near his house where Sai will be present as he is in Shirdi. Pradhan builds Saibaba's mandir and lives happily. Again when he visits shirdi, Sai asks, who asked you to come here when I am there.

Once Sai found that there was no Dhuni constructed in Bhivpuri temple and Sai told Pradhan

"Where is my dhuni? How can this be Shirdi without a dhuni? How can my temple be complete without a dhuni?" Then they constructed dhuni and felt happy about it.

The first ever Shirdi sai temple - THE TEMPLE AT BHIVPURI , Maharastra

OK why this article.

I learnt that they are constructing a Hospital near Saibaba temple and asked them to reduce the smoke emerging from Dhuni. I honestly feel its too much because the Hospital is really a bit far from where the Dhuni is present. I feel painful that my sweet Dhuni of Sai might be moved to another place.

I pray Sai to make sure the Dhuni is ever active and we all love to see it

I was making fun at work imagining what if all IT companies becomes like Railway station. Who will be TTR, Who will be selling Paper and who gives railway tickets and who's the engine driver? I told them, I will be selling milk in Avin Booth and one person who always speaks loud will be Siren! He he....

No matter how spiritual I get, I feel I won't change being silly and when my friends ask why you are like this, I say, we have to use all creativity to make people smile.

Bringing smile is all that matters! Baba, make all your devotees smile by keeping the holy Dhuni Alive. I love my sweet little Dhuni. It means a lot for me Sai.